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Need help with your fence installation project? Or perhaps you are looking for a trusted and efficient fencing expert to carry out some repair works? Whatever your requirements, look no further than 603 Fence LLC.

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We install the following fence types:

wood fence
vinyl fence
aluminum fencing
Chain Link Fence
Split Rail Fence

Five-Star Fence Installation Services​

Wood Fence

When you think about a fence, what material comes to mind first? Probably, it's wood. This has been and continues to be one of the favorite fencing materials, and with good reasons. It's strong, durable, and beautiful to look at. If you would like a wood fence for your New Hampshire home, then 603 Fence can carry out the perfect wood fence installation for you. 

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Vinyl Fence

If you think that vinyl won't look good on a fence, then think again! This material is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, thanks to its great durability and low-need maintenance. A professional and experienced company like us can handle vinyl fence installation in the most efficient way, to provide the perfect balance of beauty and safety to your home.

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Aluminum Fence

Now, this might not be something that most people think about when it comes to fencing materials, but aluminum is another great choice that more and more homeowners are starting to consider. Aluminum fences are particularly suitable to homeowners who are looking to preserve their view of the surrounding area while still increasing the safety and security of their property. At 603 Fence, we have embraced this trend and truly excel at aluminum fence installation.

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Residential and Commercial Chain Link Fence

Do you need a residential or commercial chain link fence? You're in luck because we specialize in chain link fence installation. Our top-quality material chain link comes in 11 gauge and 9 gauge galvanized chain link wire as well as black vinyl coated chain link. We also provide commercial-grade chain links with barbed wire, which can help you to protect your business. Lastly, we are also experts at building custom cantilever chain link gates and security gates.

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Custom-Built Fence

What if you have some very specific, very unique ideas about what your fence should look like? For example, you might want a pool fencing, a wood and wire fence, or other types of custom wood fences. That's not a problem at all for us at 603 Fence. We are very happy to discuss your ideas and support you with the design and style of your fence so that it is built exactly like you want it. 

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Farm Fence

Are you the proud and lucky owner of a New Hampshire farm and would like to install a professional farm fence? Call 603 Fence, your farm fence installation specialist. While we specialize in three and four-board farm fences, we can expertly install, repair, and maintain all different types of farm fencing, including custom-built ones.

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A Unique Approach for Outstanding Results

At 603 Fence, we are the only local fence contractor committed to delivering the best possible fence in the shortest possible time and within even the most demanding budget or requirements. Discover below how we achieve this, time and time again, for our loyal New Hampshire customers.

Customized to Your Specifications

No two homes are the same, so why should fences all look identical? They shouldn't, which is why we take the utmost care when reviewing your specifications and requirements and when we work to turn them into a beautiful, tangible reality.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Passionate

Fence installation and repair is not an easy task and should only be carried out by expert professionals who have long-standing expertise and a genuine passion for the job. Luckily, the team at 603 Fence has all of that.

Ready to Tackle Any Requirement You May Have

Whatever your fencing dreams, we are here to make them come true. No project is too big or too small for us, and we are certainly not put off by requirements that you might consider a bit complex. In fact, we already can't wait to tackle your demands and build the most amazing fence for you.


Our Services 

Quality Work, Great Rates, 

As a leading Fence Contractor in New Hampshire, we know what exceptional and reliable service means. We’re committed to providing clients with a wide range of options, all with guaranteed quality and precision. From the beginning stages of the project all the way to the completion of the process, we work side-by-side with clients every step of the way. Learn more below, and call us today for a consultation.


Fence Installation


Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

When you’re looking for top quality work, 603 Fence LLC is here to help. Our contracting professionals are available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. Contact our office today to learn more about this and our other available services.


Custom Gate Installation

It’s All in the Details

Looking for a reliable contractor with extensive experience for your next project? At 603 Fence LLC, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs. If you’re looking for professional Custom Gates Installation services, please get in touch for your consultation.

Fence Maintenance And Repair

At 603 Fence LLC, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied. With this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.



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