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Aluminum Fencing

Take a look at the Aluminum Fencing projects that we have completed. We hope to add your project to this gallery soon!

Premium Aluminum Fence Contractor

Love the look of wrought iron but not the painstaking maintenance? Aluminum fencing from 603 Fence LLC is your best choice.

Our aluminum fencing is:

Elegant – We can design you aluminum fence to imitate the sophisticated appeal of wrought iron -- swirls, curves, vines, and arches included. Fencing a contemporary property? We can also tailor your aluminum fence to reflect more modern design.

Versatile - If you’re looking for the best material for a swinging gate to secure your beach property, go for aluminum fencing. Aluminum is light, which makes it ideal for swinging gates. It is also the best option for segmenting property or securing walkways and other vast openings.

High-Level of Security – Aluminum is tough, which means fences made from this material can provide a higher level of security. Plus, as our fences are fabricated and installed by licensed, bonded, and insured craftsmen, you are sure to get heavy-duty, lasting fences.

Rust Resistant – Our aluminum fencing is ideal in New Hampshire summer humid environment and for the harsh cold winters. As aluminum resists rust, it is a premium option for those who live in high-humidity and high-salt environments.

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