There is nothing like a wood fence to create a natural, rustic feel in your yard. 603 Fence is the go-to for a beautiful and sturdy wood fence in the Granite State. We build premium fences that are both practical and decorative.

Creates Warmth – Wood adds warmth and a quaint charm to any property. It’s the perfect material for creating a homey, cozy feeling in a home.

Natural Feel - Wood fencing is ideal in residential yards where the owner wants an enclosure that blends well with the rest of the landscaping. Wooden fences not only serve to protect your property, but they also highlight your yard’s natural beauty.

Customizable – Wood is a popular choice because it offers plenty of room for creativity. There are several designs to choose from, and you can customize it further with details that reflect your unique preference or character.

Provides Privacy – Wood is the best option if you’re looking to increase the level of privacy in your home. Ask us to create a tall wooden fence that blocks out intruders or a solid one that leaves no room for peeking or snooping!

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